Committal Service

A 30-minute service conducted by a religious/secular celebrant or family member of choice that provides family members with a final viewing of the casket before the cremation. A service usually consists of an introduction, thoughts of deceased, and a prayer (if appropriate).

Cremation Witnessing

A viewing of the casket being placed into the cremator through a window in the committal suite.
The above services must be coordinated by a Funeral Director and advanced notice is required.

Direct Cremation

A cremation of the deceased without any family involvement at the crematorium.

Please feel free to directly contact Lenox Cremation Services with any questions about the services they provide to the community. The crematorium’s staff is happy to open its doors to any visitor who would like more information on the entire cremation process, as it comes at a very emotional time of the human experience.

We have created a 10 step tutorial to overview the cremation process along with offering a guide to our cremation process.