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Cremation Process

The information that follows is intended to help the public more fully understand what occurs in the cremation process. The steps are detailed and should be carefully considered.

However, please note that this information has been prepared on a general basis. Because of variations in state/provincial and local laws, there may be some differences in legal requirements in different jurisdictions; your funeral service provider should be able to explain legal requirements in your area.


What Kind of Cremation Services Do I Want?


While for some tradition means full body burial, for others cremation has become their new tradition. No matter the tradition, a wake or visitation, a funeral or memorial and a graveside service are all options; with cremation there are additional possibilities as well.



Understanding Cremation

Like burial, cremation is only one element of the funeral process and should be approached that way. When made part of a meaningful funeral service, cremation can play a vital role in the healing journey. Some may feel that by cremating a body, they are somehow eliminating the pain associated with their loss. Cremation is not a way of eliminating your grief, but a process of preparing your loved one for his or her final resting place. Cremation is just one step in the commemorative process – an important step in preparing the remains for memorialization.


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